Depression and drinking

One of the things to be careful of when you are suffering from depression is starting to increase the amount of alcohol you drink.

Take me for example. Last November I was having maybe two drinks a week. On Monday evening, two nights ago, a friend asked me how if I was drinking more than usual. I thought about it for a bit. I think I am now averaging three drinks a night.

Whoa!! That surprised me. My drinking had crept up on me and I hadn’t really noticed. Just tonight my wife help up the scotch bottle. A third of it is gone and I only bought that three days ago. I think I need to do something, but what.

So last night I didn’t drink any alcohol. Hooray I thought, this is easy. Tonight? Four scotches. Hmm…

I don’t know. I see my psychologist and doctor on Monday. Maybe I should talk to them about this and see what I can do.

A worried man,