What can I tell you about this site and me. Firstly, and fore-mostly, this site will be anonymous. I hope to “protect the innocent” by never publishing anything that could identify anybody that I mention, including myself. Why would I do this?

I respect people’s privacy, but I also respect my friends and would never want to do anything to hurt them or our relationship. I really don’t care if anyone figures out who I am, but by figuring out who I am someone may figure out who my friends are.

I expect my friends to figure it all out. Why? because I will be telling them about this blog. And I hope they are okay with what I write.

So if I don’t want people to know who I am why am I writing this blog? Writing about my experiences helps me get through each and every day. I have suffered from depression for quite a while now. I am in my 50s and we figure I started being depressed, phobic and anxious at around the age of 12. I have tried to kill myself twice, the last time was 9 years ago. At that time I started on medication for what we thought may be for 6 weeks. I have accepted that I will be on medication for my mental illnesses for the rest of my life. My current dosage is quite high; high enough that I needed government approval for the dosage.

What does this have to do with this blog? The second thing I hope this blog may do is help others who may read these things and be encouraged to ask for help; maybe not professional help but at least reach out to a friend just to talk. For me talking is the biggest help for me. My life has been saved recently (June 2015) just because I tweeted a good friend who lives in another city. Writing is probably my third biggest helper, following closely after listening to music.

I have had another blog but I will be closing it down and concentrating on this one as I realise that things I want to write about cannot and should not appear on the other blog. I am sorry about that as there are people who I used to talk to on that other blog and they may not understand my thinking.

I hope my blog is helpful.

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