Saturday 18 August 2018

Wow what a day this has been. So many things have happened today I could do many blog posts. All of these things have been good for me, and I hope for the people I have interacted with today. I will cover just a few here in this post.

A warning, I am about to talk about what was a dark episode in my life. If you are, like me, triggered by certain things you may not want to read the next paragraph.

I revealed on Twitter again that I am a suicide attempt survivor. This prompted a friend to ask how I managed to get to the point where I attempted to take my life. I was happy to explain the circumstances up to a point. There are only three people who know the final reason why I attempted suicide, and none of these people are in my immediate family. That may surprise some people. Why wouldn’t I share it with my immediate family? My family, friends, colleagues all know about my mental illnesses and how I struggle each day and how I cope. I have some very close friends on Twitter and off. Several times over the years I have learnt to call on these wonderful people on my bad days. Anyway, that is getting way from what I was going to talk about.

I am having a holiday to Melbourne in October. Today I finally got up the nerve to call a beautiful lady in Melbourne to arrange a tryst while I am there. I have met this lady a few times before but this time I had a special request and I was very nervous about broaching this with her. I am not going to go into details about the request, it is a bit personal and I am not ready to be public about it. Of course I shouldn’t have been worried. This gorgeous lady made my day by totally understanding my request and hesitations. Needless to say I am very much looking forward to visiting Melbourne.

What else happened today. Had the best conversation with my mum today. Yesterday I noticed a missed call from my dad. By the time I remembered to call back it was too late at night. So I called today and mum answered the phone. It turns out that yesterday it was my mum calling but she was actually trying to call my sister, lol. My mum suffers from dementia but we have the best conversations.As we talk and I ask questions mum always relays my question to dad who then gives her the answer to give back to me. Mum knows she has dementia and has also fully come to terms with the fact that she cannot remember a lot of things. We laugh about it and have great chats.

Next…Went clothes shopping with my son (22). He is starting to venture out and decided to go on a trip to Melbourne and we decided to update his wardrobe. A lot of fun clothes shopping for a man. During my life I have spent many years living with my sisters and so I have become quite proficient clothes shopping for women. So clothes shopping for an adult man, other than myself, was different for me. Good times.

Finally for this post…I found my voice on Twitter again. I have been a bit quiet on Twitter for a while. Today however I started interacting with lots of people again. Had some great conversations, both public and private. Tweeted my first poll tweets (and yes I am crushing about someone on Twitter at the moment). I have been able to take control of my timeline without worrying about what others may feel. Yes I understand that there may be consequences I have to deal with and I will do that if the need arises.

A man who is feeling good

Sorry for any spelling or grammar errors, I’ve had a few whiskeys

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