Hi friends

I am back in a different guise. This is not my first blog, but this is now my only blog. If you want to know why I have changed please read the Why? page.

Be prepared when reading my posts. I am not a professional writer and will sometimes just do brain dumps because that is what is easiest at the time. Other times, in fact most of the times, they will be very personal; please respect this and I will respect you back. Because of the personal nature of the posts there will be things revealed about me that some of my friends do not know. If will apologise now if some things disappoint you but this is me, warts and all.

Because of the nature of some of my posts I will be moderating any comments. I do not need or want any nasty stuff going on here.

As you get to know me and my opinions I am happy for you to ask me questions or even ask if you would like me to blog about a particular topic. Some people knit to relax, some cook, some read, I write.

So that’s my first post, short and sweet. Just wanted to say hi. I hope you guys may find some useful posts here.

In this guise I am calling myself Eccles.

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